Rocky Mountain Goon Squad

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Bouf
Every one knows that Canada is home to the toughest people who ever existed. In particular, at the foothills of the Rockies there is no room for softness. Only the Hard can survive. Only the Strong can prosper. Only the Hard… Only the Strong…

This collection of wild eyed killer Orcs are both the Unstoppable Force and the Immovable Object. All weakness will be swept from their path, or buried in their passing.

You will find no shelter, You cannot hide.

Rocky Mountain Goon Squad team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 27th, 2020
Goons fight for 1st
The Goons come off of another Nuffle cursed match… their third in a row. The Super Friendship Club were all sunshine and rainbows and cuddles and it was all too creepy for the Goons to handle. It was a universally low performance game however as the boys were able to leverage their natural talents to hold off another loss at the all too touchy hands of their opponents. It was a 1-1 game with hardly a casualty in sight (despite the SFC players bursting forth with disgusting mutations seemingly every drive).

Rocky Mountain Goon Squad - Super Friendship Club (Majors I, round 7)

Now the Goons face a truly terrifying match. The grinning and rotting remains of coach Jacko, a BABBL veteran coach to be sure, is out for blood. He is keen to feast on Bouf’s Brains (assuming that any brains remain) And he’s not afraid who knows it! Jacko’s Badland Faiders have earned a reputation for violence that the Goons were hoping to carve out for themselves. Nuffle just loves these brutal Ogres, and their mountain of crazed followers, the “Faider Nation”. Given Bouf’s reputation for angering Nuffle… It seems unlikely that the Goons will walk away unscathed.

If The Goons can out fight the Ogres, it’ll be a moral victory. If they can win, it’ll be a triumph over Nuffle’s shifting favour. If the Squad can do both… well… only time will tell.
- Bouf
July 17th, 2020
Nuffle? What the hell?
After a cracking start to the season, the Goons went into a impromptu match up against the League's infamous racist dirtbags, the Brimstone Brawlers. The Goons may have been a little overconfident though as Chuck Dataway played his worst game ever... failed passes, sloppy hard to catch passes and hand-offs, two left feet.

"What's Up Chuck?!" the minuscule crowd chanted as the normally excellent thrower nearly cost the Goons the game. Then Coach Para bust out his sneaky shenanigans to Clone the Ball and cost Duke "Son of a Biff" Shatterjaws a TD. The game ended with the Billdozer driving his way up the pitch without the poor Brawlers able to stop him.

Rocky Mountain Goon Squad - Brimstone Brawlers (Majors I, round 2)

The Goons next match was an even greater debacle. Chuck Dataway had another shocker and was very nearly crippled by the Ghoul of Rock... The Billdozer tripped and cracked several ribs... the only Goon who did anything remarkable was Duke who punished Ghoul Guy for daring to score the winning TD. The ghoul's shattered jaw will serve as a constant reminder of his game winning effort.

Red Belly Raiders - Rocky Mountain Goon Squad (Majors I, round 3)

To prepare for the next match, the Goons and Bouf will have to find a way to appease Nuffle or continue to suffer the consequences!
- Bouf
July 12th, 2020
What's got Billy so spooked?
The Goons are back and boy are they looking great! Their season opener was against the Venomous Vines and the Goons really showed those elves what for in their own weather cursed sataium. The audience couldn't help but laugh as the Vines Head Coach moaned to Nuffle about luck or what not... but these are the Goons. Luck has nothin to do with it. The Vines were up against destiny.

The Man of the Match was obviously "The Billdozer" Billy Warspirit. He went into the game looking unusually paranoid... he kept rambling on about some shimmering shape that was "hunting" the team. After covering himself with mud, he surprised Pokeweed by surfing him to his death. After that he kept screaming "Come on, do it! Come on, Kill Me!" at the poor confused wood elves. Whatever, it was a great match!

Rocky Mountain Goon Squad - Venomous Vines (Majors I, round 1)
- Bouf
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